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What is Minimalism and What Does it Mean?

Buying stuff, consuming more hastily, rushing from store to store is all part of our modern lifestyle. Our desire to consume is so bad that by purchasing things we begin to harm ourselves. As humans, we are never satisfied, we always want more, to buy the newest model even if we do not need it. Allow me to take a moment to ask: do all these things that we own, somehow own us? Take a look around and ask yourself: are all these things we own really necessary? Let's take a look at your new phone, Did you really need it so badly that you had to replace your old one, even if it was still working? Let's be honest, most of the time the answer won't be yes.

Recent studies indicate that we spend a lot of energy consuming products and materials in attempt to improve our lives, but in reality we quickly find most of these products unnecessary and we store them away. Consequently, we spent a lot of our energy and traded it for less time spent with friends, not focusing on our goals, and most importanly, fewer experiences in life. There is no doubt that if we could go backwards, we would want to have more experiences, meet new people, or even have more free time to ourselves. Minimalism is a style of living that gives you all these things, while keeping top of mind the most important things in life.


What is Minimalism?

According to Minimalist philosophy, Minimalism is using the simplest and fewest elements to achieve maxium results. It's top priority is to focus on the important things in life, such as your family and career. There's a misconception that Minimalism is about having as few materials as possible in life. Having three pairs of shoes is fine if each pair serves a different purpose. We could have one pair for running, one pair for walking, and one pair for going to events. There's nothing wrong with it.

Minimalism just highlights the essence of each pair.


Being Minimalist Inspired

It is no doubt that achieving our goals provides us with satisfaction, since we have set targets and reached them. When we enter a cleaner house, we feel better naturally. It is a study-proven fact, so you can double check. By embracing the minimalism lifestyle, we change our lives for the better.


Saving Money - Simply asking ourselves 'Do i want it, or do i need it' can save us fortune. and most of the time we will find out that we are not in need of whatever we are buying.

New Experiences - When we eliminate all the unnecessary things in our lives, we make more room for the newer things to come, an this could be new experiences, people or even products that are meaningful to us.

Cleaner Space - The focus on minimalism leads us to be organized and productive, and when these two effects are combined, we experience relief and freedom in our everyday lives.

We Can Clearly see that minimalism has a lof of benefits. It helps us to focus on the most important things in life, provides freedom, and helps us feel fulfiled. It is never a race in life, but some people feel that way. As minimalists, we enjoy the road. Every decision we make leads us to a better life, inpires us, and improves our surrounds.


The next post will discuss the next step in the progress. We will be removing the unnecessary products. What are your list goals? Share your thoughts with us below, We will be happy to help and discuss.


Xssence, Stay Focused!

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  • Posted משה

    מחכה בקוצר רוח

  • Posted James

    No wonder all my friends are minimalist. Looking forward for the next post!

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