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In our current age, all of which is full of goodness, perhaps even too much of anything and of any kind so much that we consume needlessly, the word 'Minimalism' becomes more meaningful and meaningful for a balanced and peaceful life.

We at Xssence design and produce private dress-full of style and beauty with thinking and ambition for simplicity, clean and minimalism.

In our eyes, minimalism comes as a lesson to the world where consuming culture grows and evolves from day to day and does not intend to fade. Many of the people who don't find what they want between millions of loud, colorful, noisy designs and that's exactly what we do at Xssence, produce male fashion in a minimalistic style of fashion and beauty.

When we engrave on our flag, Less is more, we also do this in practice at every stage. With high quality materials and creative designs, our fashion clothing will give anyone wearing it an amazing sense of substance, quality, style and simplicity.

The owner of the business, Moni Nikolov, founded the business in 2021, in a decision to implement the phrase "in every crisis there is an opportunity" and set out on a new and independent road. Fashion and style has always attracted Moni, especially the search for innovative, beautiful, non-flashy, and stylish designs.

  • We are Xssence, the people behind our brand
  • Moni Nikolov - Founder

  • Clarkson Harper - Head Designer

  • Gabrielle Peterson - Product Manager

  • Ashley Smith - Customer Support Associate

What We Do


Xssence strive to make people connect to themselves and their essence through the minimalism and without background noise.
We believe that there are many, many more people who are looking for the details of the clothing specifically for the clean, rather than full of colors and noisy designs. Just like tattoos tell some of your story, your style shows your insides on the outside.

Our goal is to create and connect a community of people to the lifestyle. The term minimalism guides us as a way of life.

We want our customers who purchases the products and designs to be connected to our way and feel the sense of "right, useful, and essential purchase."
The singularity in Xssence is the combination of simplicity and minimalism and lastiality and new fashion. Just for us here, we offer the variety of dress, accessories and titters for day or night in a clean style that gives a lot of meaning and value to wear.

minimalism and innovation

We believe in the great beauty of minimalist design, the way to renew each time is not necessarily colored and loud and loud designs. We bring you male fashion in a unique design with a great emphasis on minimalistic yet innovative and fresh. The great innovation actually lies in the quality of the materials that we use to create fashion, in the calm, uniform colors, quiet textures, and unique design. New minimalistic

Action, activity, focus

We want you to feel that, the sense of being focused on the goals in your life, setting goals and moving to action to conquer them. That's why we're making fashion that will make you always feel like doing, always on the way to the destination, when you're dressed up and feeling great it's a good sign that this day starts with positive energy of doing! The special clothes and accessories that we designed specifically for you were created in an exact process and very much thought about the material component, the type of fabric, the direction of design and color to give you a big smile when you look in the mirror at the beginning of each day
Stay focused, It's gonna be a great day !

Get In Touch

Are you familiar with the minimalistic style of living? Would you like to know more about it? It is possible to get in touch with our customer service representatives or visit our social media channels. Stay motivated, Stay focsued!

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